Things to do


Arcade - Free play

Game On Expo will feature a large free play arcade and pinball area. Including some custom made one of a kind arcade cabs by Sam aka RewindbyDesign; a DuckTales arcade, Ghostbusters II, Sydney Hunter and the Curse of the Mayan, and a Zelda arcade cab. Game On Expo is also offering some special perks for those interested in loaning their arcade/pinball machine(s). For additional details, please register here.


On Saturday evening Game On Expo will be hosting a live auction. Items will include some hard to find gaming items and collectibles. To sign up to sell your item(s) at Game On Expo’s auction, please check out our auction page.


Blitz Jam

We're teaming up with the Retro World Series to present to you the first ever Blitz Jam event at Game On Expo on Saturday August 10th. The Retro World Series will be running both an NBA Jam T.E. and NFL Blitz tournament, and the finals for both will be MC'd live by Tim Kitzrow who is the voice announcer for both games.

Board Gaming - Open Play

Crit Hit will be providing a library of board games to play all three days, as well as hosting some scheduled gaming as well. Schedule coming soon…


Card Gaming

Amazing Discoveries will be hosting both open play as well as scheduled card gaming all three days of Game On Expo. Games include: Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh!. Schedule coming soon…

Cosplay Contest

Do you have a cosplay that you'd like to share? Than participate in Game On Expo's 5th annual cosplay contest where you can win cash prizes. Whether you're a casual cosplayer, or diehard, Game On Expo will also have cosplay guests, local cosplay groups, panels, and more. To sign up, please check out our cosplay registration page.


Dungeons & Dragons

Gateway Games will be hosting Dungeons & Dragons all three days using ten tables. Schedule coming soon…

eSports Zone

Game On Expo will debut our eSports Zone area. This area will have over a hundred consoles/PC’s and will feature three large screens/stages. Our tournaments include Fortnite, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mortal Kombat 11, and more. For a complete list of tournaments, please check out our tournament page.


Game On Expo’s Kids Zone

On Saturday and Sunday in Panel Room 167 from 10:00am-3:00pm.

Team Rock AZ will be hosting kid programming including gaming, dance competitions, LEGOs and more. More information coming soon…

Mario Party Wars

Mario Party Wars is an esports/gaming organization from Las Vegas that brings out the competition in Mario Party. Hosting one of the first official Mario Party tournaments around, players compete in a series of Mario Party matches to determine who is the best Mario Party player around, and be crowned the Mario Party Wars Superstar.

We'll be hosting a variety of activities all weekend for chances to win great prizes that include:


  • Mario Party 6 Endurance Alley Challenge

  • Super Mario Party Challenge

  • Super Mario Maker 2 Challenge


  • Bomberman Generation Tournament(Saturday starting at 2-6pm)

Social Media Contest: We will be hosting a social media contest to give attendees a chance to win prizes.

  • 1 ticket per entry

    • Like us on Facebook

    • Follow us on Twitter or Instagram(1 per)

    • Make a post, Tweet, etc and tag us

    • Favorite Mario Party?

Selling T-shirts:

  • $12 each


Structure: Our layout would consist of the following

  • The area would be L shaped(5-6ft tables preferred) made up of 4 tables.

  • 1 table would be our information table for attendees to come by and find out more about us and what we are offering

  • 3 tables would make up our area for challenges and for the tournament

  • In terms of chair, we would need 2 for the information table and 6 for all other tables.

  • We will need access to outlets for electricity

Prizes: Prizes will consist of the following for each event and activity

  • Bomberman Tournament

    • 1st: 60% prize pool earnings/additional prize

    • 2nd: 30% prize pool earnings

    • 3rd: 10% prize pool earnings

  • Challenges

    • 3 Prizes to the highest scored players(1 per challenge)

    • Daily Giveaways for all 3 days

  • Social Media Contest

    • Daily Giveaways for all 3 days

Drawing Times(Challenges and Contests)

  • Fri(6pm)

  • Sat(6pm)

  • Sun(4:30pm)


Pachinko Fever

Back by popular demand Pachinko Fever will be providing at least 16 pachinko machines, with pricing starting at only $1.


Panels from celebrity, fan panels, and more.



Pathfinder Roleplaying Game hosted by the Arizona Pathfinder Society Organized Play. Schedule coming soon…

Puzzle Contest

Ten identical puzzles…which team can finish first?


Retro World Championships

The 5th annual Game On Expo Retro Championships is returning, and the champion will earn the coveted Game On Expo Retro Champion Title Belt. The competition starts with the fastest time on Mario 64 for the N64. The 8 finalists will play each game starting with the player with the 8th best Mario Kart time. They will earn points based on where they place in each game and the cumulative total will determine our 2019 Retro Championships winner.

Round 1 - Daytona USA (Sega Saturn)

Round 2 - Viewpoint (Neo Geo)

Round 3 - Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (Playstation)

Round 4 - Symphony of the Night (Playstation)

Round 5 - Blast Corps (Nintendo 64)

For additional details, please check out our Retro World Championships website.

Rock Band Karaoke

The Grid will be hosting Rock Band Karaoke on Sunday. Step up on the main stage and choose from 100’s of songs to play.


Retro World Series

The Retro World Series will be returning to provide some free play retro gaming all three days. In addition, they will be hosting tournaments as well. For a list of game tournaments they’ll be running, please check out the tournament page.

Vendor Hall

Hundreds of vendors from all over the country selling anime, art, games, and more.

VR Experience

If you're new to virtual reality technology, this is your chance to become acquainted and try it out! Or, if you already love VR, come hang out with other VR enthusiasts! Both Playstation VR and Oculus Quest will be available to play FOR FREE, and both feature the most popular VR titles, including Beat Saber, Job Simulator, SUPERHOT VR, Astro Bot, and many more.

And more!