Tabletop Gaming


There will be plenty of tabletop gaming at Game On Expo all three days including:

Dungeons & Dragons hosted by
Gateway Games Az. Store.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game hosted by the Arizona Pathfinder Society Organized Play.

Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Yu-Gu-Oh!, and KeyForge card gaming hosted by
Amazing Discoveries.

Scheduled board gaming and open library hosted by
Crit Hit.

dungeons and dragons

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Sign up by clicking here.

Gateway Games will be hosting D&D all three days. This will be held in panel rooms 155-156.

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Card Gaming

Presented by: Amazing Discoveries

In panel rooms 157-159


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Magic: The Gathering

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Argent Saga

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Board Gaming

Come play some Tabletop Board Games and RPGs with Crit Hit. They will have some scheduled board games with sign up books as well as tables set up for Games on Demand where a GM will guide you through a selection of games they can teach. They will also feature OPEN GAME TABLES where we you can check out a game and play with friends, or make new friends!


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