Reignweaver Cosplay

Reignweaver Cosplay is excited to join Game On Expo as a guest for the first time. As a leather craftsman, Professional Stage Actor, Design Technician, and Cosplayer Reignweaver got their start in the cosplay world working as a performer of various well known branded characters from popular media for childrens birthdays as well as through his continued career through stage theater and theatrical design. They are most well known for cosplaying Flynn Rider from the popular Animated Disney movie Tangled as well as Percy De Rolo from the well known Live streamed Table Top Roll Play show, Critical Role; which has since eloped propel Reignweaver into working as a Professional Game Master. You may have also seen their work as Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bepop, Oberyn Martel from Game of Thrones, Ardeth Bay from The Mummy.