G to the Next Level

George “G” Gracin has been an enthusiast of video gaming for over 25 years and shares his dedication through his YouTube Channel, G to the Next Level. “Retro Gaming in the Modern Age” is his channel’s motto, as he makes retrospective reviews, “Level 10” & “From Gutter to Throne” countdown lists, “Mascot Mania,” his mascot adventure game review series, console reviews, various Sonic the Hedgehog videos (he’s a huge fan!), and much more. Though a Sega fan for life, G has a passion for all things retro and hopes to inspire, educate, and entertain: Level by Level.
In addition to YouTube, G streams retro and retro-inspired games weekly on Twitch, is currently writing a compendium book about the Sega Genesis, has been featured in Sega’s YouTube & Twitch channels, and in Retro Gamer magazine. He has guest appeared on other gaming YouTube channels such as Slope’s Game Room, My Life in Gaming, and John Riggs’ Rigg’d Games, as well as guesting on various podcasts/radio shows.