Fanta created the YouTube channel “FANTAVISION” back in 2012 as a secondary channel for another channel called “CraigslistGameFinds”. As the other channel died, “FANTAVISION” rose from the ashes with the “Tales from Retail” video series chronicling his past as a GameStop keyholder and Walmart electronics employee. With various stories coming from viewers, friends of Fanta, and roommates, the variety of guests continues to keep the series fresh.

Along with the success of the “Tales from Retail” series, Fanta branched out into making a podcast called the “Back to the Futon Podcast” with his friend and roommate Eric. This two to three hour podcast covers everything from gaming to personal life stories.

Keeping in the theme of gaming, Fanta covers the newest stories coming from the video game industry. He gives his opinions on corrupt corporations, new game information, and the future of the industry as a whole.

His panel is on Saturday August 6th at 1pm in panel room 153.