arcade sponsorship

Here is what you'll receive for every arcade game and/or pinball machine you loan to the show:

Receive two full event passes (a $90 value) for every arcade game/pinball machine loaned (limited up to four passes total.)

Game On Expo will pay you $50 for every arcade game/pinball machine loaned. Payment will occur within 30 days of the completion of the Game On Expo event.

If you loan ten or more arcade games/pinball machines to Game On Expo, receive a promo table, subject to availability and approval. 

Receive a complimentary Game On Expo shirt (up to three) for every arcade game/pinball machines you loan.

Have the ability to sell your arcade games/pinball machines at Game On Expo. If your game sells at the event, the $50 payment for any game(s) sold will be void.

We will do everything we can to ensure that your games are returned in the same condition as they are provided.  You are responsible for loading and moving your games.

The Game On Expo can provide people to assist if needed, but owners of the games must be present and assist as well.

All games MUST remain on the event floor during the complete event hours, and all games MUST be set to free play. 

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