Game On Expo Logo

Game On Expo is back @ Phoenix Convention Center!

August 5th-7th, 2022

Game On Expo is a multimedia gaming and anime event that began in 2015, and is the largest gaming convention in Arizona. It’s an event that celebrates gaming, anime, music, and more!

Whether you’re a hardcore or casual gamer, there is something for everyone at Game On Expo. Our mission is to bring the G.A.M.E. (Gaming, Anime, Music, Esports) to Arizona. We are locally owned, and we are passionate about bringing a fun and family friendly event to Arizona.


Plenty of Anime guests, exhibitors, and anime related content at Game On Expo to enjoy.


Find some rare and hidden gaming gems during the 6th annual Game On Expo Auction held on Saturday evening.


Participate in Game On Expo’s 6th annual cosplay competition, and meet some of your favorite cosplay guests.


Participate in an Esports tournament at Game On Expo played on a huge screen on the main Esports stage.

Exhibitor Hall

Hundreds of exhibitors from all over the country participate in Game On Expo's exhibit hall. So if you’re looking for some games, cool Anime merch, or looking for some unique art, you’ll find it at Game On Expo’s exhibitor hall.

Free Play Arcade

Hundreds of arcade games and pinball machines to play; all set to free play.

Indie Spotlight

The Game On Expo Indie Spotlight area features both local and indie devs from all across the country showcasing their games and projects.

Kids Zone

Game On Expo’s Kids Zone features a Fortnite dance competition, gaming, and kid friendly activities.

Live Music

Listen to live music on Friday and Saturday night from some of the biggest gaming bands around.

Rock Band Karaoke

Join a band, select between hundreds of songs, and perform Rock Band Karaoke live on the music stage.

Modern Games

Play the latest games on PC, and latest gaming consoles. Either casually play, or compete in a tournament.

Retro Games

From Atari to the Sega Dreamcast, the Game On Expo has a ton of retro games to play all three days.

Retro World Championships

Compete against others in the ultimate retro gaming tournament. Can you win the coveted Game On Retro World Championship belt?

Special Guests

Game On Expo has A+ gaming voice actors from some of your favorite games. YouTube content creators have also been a part of Game On Expo since year one.

Tabletop Games

Game On Expo has board games, role-playing games, CCG’s, and more.


In addition to Esports, there will be both retro gaming tournaments and tabletop tournaments at Game On Expo.

Classic World Tetris Tournament

Participate in the Classic Tetris World Championship Desert Qualifier. Battle against some of the top Tetris players in this intense competitive tournament.

Dr. Mario Championship

The Dr. Mario Championship (DrMC) is an annual tournament where players compete head to head on the NES version of Dr. Mario. This game is similar to Tetris, as both games have randomized puzzle pieces that fall from the top and the player has to figure out where to place them.